Holly (qualitybait) wrote in fatbegone,

Hey I'm new to the group, but not new to Livejournal. Been looking at different groups and this one looks really good and friendly. I've notice a lot of metric usage. Sorry if it takes me a minute to convert to pounds.

Here are my stats right now:

Weight: 96.4kg (212 lbs)
Height 107.2 cm(5'7'')
hips: 46''
bust: 48''
arm: 14''
leg: 23''

I've bee trying to workout everyday, but being a music major, a senior in college, and working, i usually am lucky to get in more then three days a week. I work hard on those days though. Also, I've cut my pop intake from Regular Coke 3-4 times a day to Diet Coke 0-2 times a day. I've been trying to watch what i eat, but dorm life makes that hard. I'm hoping maybe you guys can help push me. I'm more then willing to help push back!
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