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Roxy is getting back in shape

Well I think I should weigh myself. 220lbs 30.9% Body Fat, and 30.1 BMI.

I've been watching a little more what I've been eating lately. I've been trying to get into the gym more often, and ride my bike. Bringing Roxy and Brandy for a morning run while I ride my bike is really helping. I think it helps that I feel like I'm helping more than one being by doing this. Poor Roxy has gained weight but she's still in shape. I know this because she recovers from her run faster than Brandy who is 14 months old.

I'm a little bummed out though because I've gained weight. I really need to lose these 30lbs that I've put on over the last 9 months. I will lose it by my birthday because I don't want to pressure myself into failure. I've lost alot of weight before this is not rocket science. At my heaviest I've been 330lbs, what's losing 30lbs when I've lost 140lbs before.

I appreciate that I'm still healthy enough to hit the gym, go riding or play with my dogs. I wear out my friends and husband. I just wish I didn't have to carry the extra weight.

I know I'm a healthy person underneath the extra weight. I'm making a conscience decision to lose my weight again. I have more to offer as a thin person than a big one. I have to call Jennifer Glen sometime this weekend. She's 16 years old and over 300 pounds. I've been trying to lift her spirits. Well I should go chill out before the task of washing the motorcycle.
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