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Getting Back on Track...


I'm back from texas...

They say everything's bigger in texas...

Well, I came out of texas bigger! Damnit!

I went to texas at 225lbs and I came home from texas at 235lbs... Nice, huh? I Think NOT!

So, after a few days of screwing around and getting back to normal, and of course a $200 grocery shopping trip, I'm not getting back on track.

I've vowed to get back to weight watchers online to get myself back on try and get back to 225, and make a fresh start from 225! Because I can NEVER get below 225, but this time I will!

So, what's up with this new Weight watchers core plan? I read about it on WW Online and I'm so lost!

I think I might just stick to the weight watchers flex points... what I know works! Hee x 3!!!

Anyways, I'd like to get to the gym tonight, not sure if I will or not since I've been overly tired, getting used to the 2 hour time difference! BAH! Time differences SUCK ass!

Anyways, I DID make one of my goals before I left, which was to shop in a skinny person store, and feel comfortable... and I DID! I bought SIZE 13 Roxy jeans!!! WOO HOO! And TONS of size 15 Tilt jeans from PacSun! I felt totally comfortable there! I LOVE it! And now I have jeans coming out of my ass! Hee x 3!!! They're so damn comfy too! I love 'em!

Anyways, that's my weight loss update for now! Hee x 3!!!

I have TONS of notes to respond to on OD and ITW which I will be getting to soon (hopefully)!

Not sure if I'm pregnant or not yet, took a First response early test 4 days early (as early as it says you can take it) and it was negative... I do have a slight urinary tract infection though it's driving me nuts!!!

Ok, enough blabbing from me!



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