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I live!

I know I know...I'm so bad at updating myself on this. I got a bit depressed after I came back from my study abroad program in the Philippines and gained more fat (not weight coz I was still the same); then again, the 3 meals a day plus the fresh food was worth it, hahaha.

I was on and off my daily regime of 30 minutes of DDR and the rest free weights coz being a undergrad student close to graduating, it's so hard trying to sneak in exercise. Plus I'm naturally lazy >< When 2004 rolled in, I wasn't even going to bother about losing weight or trying to attempt it coz I'm fine with my body and so is my bf. I got inspired, though, by the Discovery Channel's Fitness Challenge program for America to get fit and I thought I'd give it a try. The bf also wanted to lose weight with me so that's a motivation as well.

I tried the Discovery Channel's way but it didn't work for me. I don't like the meal plan that was set for me because, let's be honest, we like to eat foods that taste good! I've gotten the knack of cooking since I moved to the dorm at my uni so I like how I can moderate my own intake. However, I do use the Discovery Channel's way when I need alternative foods or some ideas for a healthy snack.

Lately I'm using Jorge Cruise's 8 Minutes in the Morning routine for almost a month now. I thought it was a joke at first because: 1) I only had to pay $12 for it and 2) how can you get results in 8 minutes a day? I figured I should just see what it's all about since I foresaw my school schedule will swamp me during finals week and then I'd have no time for any exercise; luckily, I have to walk around campus to two different schools because I'm a double major so I get some walking in. And, I honestly can say, I actually am seeing results. He claims you can lose 2 lbs a week, which is really a safe way of losing weight. By the end of the first week I was from 156 lbs (I'm 5'2.5") to 153! I have NEVER been below a 155 through exercise! The only time I was below or close to a 155 lbs was 3 years ago when an ex boyfriend of mine dumped me and I ended up losing weight due to stress. My body fat %, though, has changed a lot as well. I went from 38% to around 32%.

I have weighed myself at the end of each week since week 1 (I'm on week 4 now), but unfortunately I didn't see the scale move; then again, I was PMSing and I was on my period so that would explain something. Even if I didn't lose any more weight, I'm seeing my body is more toned and I can fit into some old clothes I couldn't fit into anymore. In fact, they're a bit loose now.

I don't know if the program will work for anyone else that is interested or not but exercise should try to be snuck in so you don't beat yourself up later on. I'm really fortunate I have to walk all over my campus otherwise I would always be sitting over my computer studying >< Also, I do drink lots of water to keep my skin looking clearer and to hydrate my body all the time. I also have a sensitive GI tract so I can't handle take out foods or dine in places as much, so I'm always careful of what I eat. Fruits and almonds are my saviors, but it's okay to have a cookie or two. Just don't beat yourself over it and think of junk foods as your reward for eating healthy all day. Moderation is key.

I apologize if I'm just typing so excitedly, but aside from telling the bf and my best friend that's turned vegan, this is the only place I feel I can talk about my health improvements. I mean...seriously. I'm so happy and I can stand much taller now, even though I'm so short *l*

Actually, the only reason why I'm really losing weight is so I'd be able to thrift store shop. I don't fancy the idea of shopping in malls because of the connotations of commercialism/sweat shop factories they use to sell their clothes. At least with a thrift store, the money doesn't go to the big companies but to a charity. So, I guess you can say I'm losing weight for political reasons :)
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