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You Kick My Ass, I Kick Yours' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
You Kick My Ass, I Kick Yours

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[20 Oct 2005|01:11pm]

Hey I'm new to the group, but not new to Livejournal. Been looking at different groups and this one looks really good and friendly. I've notice a lot of metric usage. Sorry if it takes me a minute to convert to pounds.

Here are my stats right now:

Weight: 96.4kg (212 lbs)
Height 107.2 cm(5'7'')
hips: 46''
bust: 48''
arm: 14''
leg: 23''

I've bee trying to workout everyday, but being a music major, a senior in college, and working, i usually am lucky to get in more then three days a week. I work hard on those days though. Also, I've cut my pop intake from Regular Coke 3-4 times a day to Diet Coke 0-2 times a day. I've been trying to watch what i eat, but dorm life makes that hard. I'm hoping maybe you guys can help push me. I'm more then willing to help push back!

Hi Everyone [09 Sep 2005|12:13am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I am new to live journal. I am using my journal to record any progresses and the ups and downs of chaging my life which includes my weight. What I have done so far is to long to list here. In short I replaced my trouble foods with healthier replacements. I have lost 30 pounds. At least thats what the Doctor told me.

My main trouble foods are Pasta, Cheese, Sugar and breads.
I have replaced Pasta with brown Rice, sugar with splenda, cheese with molly McCheese and I have cut back on bread. I have smaller portions and more meals. So far this has worked well for me.

Since Nov till now I lost 30 pounds but really started getting serious in the beginning of June.

I hope all is well with everyone here.

Sharing my success with any Aussies out there [04 Sep 2005|08:33am]

Hi my name’s Marianne, and I wanted to share with everyone my story so far...

I weighed 106kgs and had problems with my metabolism. I wasn’t sure anything could work for me. With a wonky metabolism I had to eat half as much and exercise twice as much! But I stumbled across an amazing all natural herbal based program.

When the first kg’s came off I started to get really excited, I'm now down to 98kg, and all steam ahead till I reach my goal weight. Before starting the program I was always tired and I hated the way I looked.

Losing weight has transformed my attitude. I’m bursting with energy and my confidence has sky-rocketed. The best part is I’m fitting into clothes that have sat in my wardrobe for years. Take a look at: http://gr8healthrus.com for more info.

3 Day Diet [30 May 2005|05:04pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Follow me on a cleansing diet. I'm sure this will clean out the toxins I've accumulated from stressin'. I'm due to feel great again, it's time to celebrate a new Surely. Ooops maybe this time I actually spelled it correctly.

Have a great time!

3 Day DietCollapse )

Roxy is getting back in shape [26 Feb 2005|07:07am]

[ mood | loved ]

Well I think I should weigh myself. 220lbs 30.9% Body Fat, and 30.1 BMI.

I've been watching a little more what I've been eating lately. I've been trying to get into the gym more often, and ride my bike. Bringing Roxy and Brandy for a morning run while I ride my bike is really helping. I think it helps that I feel like I'm helping more than one being by doing this. Poor Roxy has gained weight but she's still in shape. I know this because she recovers from her run faster than Brandy who is 14 months old.

I'm a little bummed out though because I've gained weight. I really need to lose these 30lbs that I've put on over the last 9 months. I will lose it by my birthday because I don't want to pressure myself into failure. I've lost alot of weight before this is not rocket science. At my heaviest I've been 330lbs, what's losing 30lbs when I've lost 140lbs before.

I appreciate that I'm still healthy enough to hit the gym, go riding or play with my dogs. I wear out my friends and husband. I just wish I didn't have to carry the extra weight.

I know I'm a healthy person underneath the extra weight. I'm making a conscience decision to lose my weight again. I have more to offer as a thin person than a big one. I have to call Jennifer Glen sometime this weekend. She's 16 years old and over 300 pounds. I've been trying to lift her spirits. Well I should go chill out before the task of washing the motorcycle.

Getting Back on Track... [28 Aug 2004|11:29am]

[ mood | energetic ]


I'm back from texas...

They say everything's bigger in texas...

Well, I came out of texas bigger! Damnit!

I went to texas at 225lbs and I came home from texas at 235lbs... Nice, huh? I Think NOT!

So, after a few days of screwing around and getting back to normal, and of course a $200 grocery shopping trip, I'm not getting back on track.

I've vowed to get back to weight watchers online to get myself back on try and get back to 225, and make a fresh start from 225! Because I can NEVER get below 225, but this time I will!

So, what's up with this new Weight watchers core plan? I read about it on WW Online and I'm so lost!

I think I might just stick to the weight watchers flex points... what I know works! Hee x 3!!!

Anyways, I'd like to get to the gym tonight, not sure if I will or not since I've been overly tired, getting used to the 2 hour time difference! BAH! Time differences SUCK ass!

Anyways, I DID make one of my goals before I left, which was to shop in a skinny person store, and feel comfortable... and I DID! I bought SIZE 13 Roxy jeans!!! WOO HOO! And TONS of size 15 Tilt jeans from PacSun! I felt totally comfortable there! I LOVE it! And now I have jeans coming out of my ass! Hee x 3!!! They're so damn comfy too! I love 'em!

Anyways, that's my weight loss update for now! Hee x 3!!!

I have TONS of notes to respond to on OD and ITW which I will be getting to soon (hopefully)!

Not sure if I'm pregnant or not yet, took a First response early test 4 days early (as early as it says you can take it) and it was negative... I do have a slight urinary tract infection though it's driving me nuts!!!

Ok, enough blabbing from me!



weight-loss (and inch-loss) emergency [08 Aug 2004|02:15pm]

Holy Crap. In the last few months I have managed to gain back half of the weight I lost (I lost about 20 lb. or so overall a couple years ago) and I have several pants and shirts I can no longer fit in or else can't fit in comfortably. I can't afford to buy new clothes and I don't *want* to have to buy any. School starts up again August 24th and I'm afraid I won't have anything to wear. It's already a struggle just to find things to wear now. I don't know how this happened. All I can figure is that I've been eating out a LOT this summer. :::sigh::: I need your help, LJers! I don't care if I just lose water weight as long as I lose *inches*. What can I do for a quick (albeit probably not that healthy) weight-loss? I have the Firm and DDR as far as exercise goes . . . but I don't know how often I need to do those for results. Obviously I need help with eating as well. I need to go to the grocery store and buy food and make it myself since food at restaurants has sooo much more calories and fat in them. It's just really hard to find time and energy to make food. Please, please, please-- any advice is very much appreciated.

can anyone use this? [30 Jun 2004|10:13pm]

not sure if this is allowed in this community, i apologize if it's not...

but i have some plus size pants and jeans on ebay that i need to sell, they're ending within 20 hours. take a look if you're interested, they range from size 18-24. I have to get this stuff out of my house, if you can't use any of it, please pass the link to someone who might want some cheap clothes in those sizes :) Thanks!


(x-posted to 100pluswl)

Greetings from the newbie! (cut for length) [09 Jun 2004|12:24am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey all! I'm new to the community, so I figured I'd start out with a huge question, but first, a little background info.

Read more...Collapse )

*sigh* Okay, now that I've got that off my chest, I feel a bit better. I'm hoping to find a few answers and maybe even some new ideas in this community. Thanks for putting up with me!

I live! [19 Mar 2004|01:34am]

I know I know...I'm so bad at updating myself on this. I got a bit depressed after I came back from my study abroad program in the Philippines and gained more fat (not weight coz I was still the same); then again, the 3 meals a day plus the fresh food was worth it, hahaha.

I was on and off my daily regime of 30 minutes of DDR and the rest free weights coz being a undergrad student close to graduating, it's so hard trying to sneak in exercise. Plus I'm naturally lazy >< When 2004 rolled in, I wasn't even going to bother about losing weight or trying to attempt it coz I'm fine with my body and so is my bf. I got inspired, though, by the Discovery Channel's Fitness Challenge program for America to get fit and I thought I'd give it a try. The bf also wanted to lose weight with me so that's a motivation as well.

I tried the Discovery Channel's way but it didn't work for me. I don't like the meal plan that was set for me because, let's be honest, we like to eat foods that taste good! I've gotten the knack of cooking since I moved to the dorm at my uni so I like how I can moderate my own intake. However, I do use the Discovery Channel's way when I need alternative foods or some ideas for a healthy snack.

Lately I'm using Jorge Cruise's 8 Minutes in the Morning routine for almost a month now. I thought it was a joke at first because: 1) I only had to pay $12 for it and 2) how can you get results in 8 minutes a day? I figured I should just see what it's all about since I foresaw my school schedule will swamp me during finals week and then I'd have no time for any exercise; luckily, I have to walk around campus to two different schools because I'm a double major so I get some walking in. And, I honestly can say, I actually am seeing results. He claims you can lose 2 lbs a week, which is really a safe way of losing weight. By the end of the first week I was from 156 lbs (I'm 5'2.5") to 153! I have NEVER been below a 155 through exercise! The only time I was below or close to a 155 lbs was 3 years ago when an ex boyfriend of mine dumped me and I ended up losing weight due to stress. My body fat %, though, has changed a lot as well. I went from 38% to around 32%.

I have weighed myself at the end of each week since week 1 (I'm on week 4 now), but unfortunately I didn't see the scale move; then again, I was PMSing and I was on my period so that would explain something. Even if I didn't lose any more weight, I'm seeing my body is more toned and I can fit into some old clothes I couldn't fit into anymore. In fact, they're a bit loose now.

I don't know if the program will work for anyone else that is interested or not but exercise should try to be snuck in so you don't beat yourself up later on. I'm really fortunate I have to walk all over my campus otherwise I would always be sitting over my computer studying >< Also, I do drink lots of water to keep my skin looking clearer and to hydrate my body all the time. I also have a sensitive GI tract so I can't handle take out foods or dine in places as much, so I'm always careful of what I eat. Fruits and almonds are my saviors, but it's okay to have a cookie or two. Just don't beat yourself over it and think of junk foods as your reward for eating healthy all day. Moderation is key.

I apologize if I'm just typing so excitedly, but aside from telling the bf and my best friend that's turned vegan, this is the only place I feel I can talk about my health improvements. I mean...seriously. I'm so happy and I can stand much taller now, even though I'm so short *l*

Actually, the only reason why I'm really losing weight is so I'd be able to thrift store shop. I don't fancy the idea of shopping in malls because of the connotations of commercialism/sweat shop factories they use to sell their clothes. At least with a thrift store, the money doesn't go to the big companies but to a charity. So, I guess you can say I'm losing weight for political reasons :)

A post from your friendly neighbourhood webmistress. :) [04 Mar 2004|12:21pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Hey guys,

It's been a while since I've posted here, as I've had a lot going on in regards to my cross-country move. My ~ulalume journal is no longer in service, so my weight loss LJ from here on in will be at http://www.livejournal.com/~liqu0rfish. I've added a few of you already; if you don't want to be added, or do, just leave me a comment and it's done. :) I prefer to keep my weight-loss journal friends-only, though.

I've noticed things have been a bit slow around here, too. So I'd like to take a couple of quick surveys:

Firstly, how many of you actually still visit this community?

Secondly, how are each of you doing with your own personal goals and accomplishments? Everybody started out by mentioning what they wanting to achieve, but now that time has elapsed, I haven't seen any updates on how we're all coming along.

Once again, I encourage you all to exchange email addresses, update whenever you feel like it, and so on and so forth :) I started this LJ community because I wanted some support, and to be supportive of other people who were undergoing the same stress as I am. If we're serious about getting in shape, let's make the effort to communicate a bit more and speed up the process. :)

Good luck to everyone!


[27 Feb 2004|03:00pm]

Well I've been doing really well on my exercise. I go today and that will be four times this week. I've lost two pounds since I started keeping track on my journal. And I finally decided what to do when I lost another ten pounds. I am going to get a facial that is my reward to myself. I had a massage yesterday (christmas gift certificate) and it was really relaxing. So I figure I should do something like that for myself when I reach that goal. Pretty kickass.

[22 Feb 2004|07:09pm]

[ mood | insanely happy ]

I haven't poster here in awhile.

I've started posting my food journal daily on star_duster Its not too fancy, and pretty straight forward. Also, a testiment to my failure to get anywhere with this diet thus far. :-p

But today starts a new week, and I will do better.

Well, I did good. I fed my b/f a chocolate bar today and thereby sucessfully got it out of my room. :)

I went shopping today--my favorite form of exercise. I was walking around for probably about 3 hours.

I think its important to remember that stuff like that counts as exercise. Walking around while shopping, cleaning your house/room, gardening. Stuff like that. I try to be good about taking the stairs instead of the elevators when its practicle, too.

[18 Feb 2004|11:11pm]

hmm. I seem to have posted my last comment twice. So, I got rid of one of them.

Well, I took a good step in the right direction. I've started keeping a food journal. I used to be on weight watchers, and that was one of the things that was part of the program--tracking what you eat. I makes you accountable and keeps you from forgetting.

I also started some exercise. I did 20 crunches yesterday. :) and I'm working on inner and outter thigh toning with the help of an "as seen on TV" little exercise thing. Oh well. At least it seems to be useful.

[18 Feb 2004|12:17am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Hi. I'm new to this community. It looks like it wasn't really active for awhile. Anyways, I'm trying to loose weight. This sounded like a cool place to get support. I'm 21 and in my last semester of college. I dropped around 70 pounds since May of 2002, but I've sorta been off my diet since this past summer. I've managed to keep my weight to within about 5 pounds of what I got down to, though. I'm usually between 160 and 165. It was really easy to stay on my diet in school when I started, but once I got off of it, that was that. I've started up on some of my old bad habits, like eating between meals, and eating crap. I'm going to get back to healthy habits again cause I know I can. As of today, I'm back on track. :)

[17 Feb 2004|01:01am]

Hi, I'm new to the community. Just wanted to introduce myelf. I've struggled for a few years now with my weight. I only want to lose about 20 pounds or so. I basically want to be able to fit into clothes and feel good about myself. Plus (and this is a little forward) I figure losing weight would make my boobs a little smaller. I decided that I need some support, because I always start something and never finsih. I want to finish this time.

[14 Jan 2004|12:01pm]

I have just created 2 word documents using pictures from myvirtualmodel.com and then pinned them to my door so that I see them every time I leave my room to head for the kitchen.

The pictures are below :)

The nightmare body I already have
Current front view
Current left view
Current back view
Current right view

The body I dream of having
Future front view
Future left view
Future back view
Future right view

new :) [31 Oct 2003|05:05pm]

hi everyone. i've been battling with weight loss for what seems like forever now. my problem? will power issues...as in lack thereof. support is so key, and i hope to find it here. my goal is to go from my current size 18/20 to a size 12/14 by in and around august. i don't like to gauge things in pounds because it's too easy to get caught up in the numbers. i want to be able to think i look nice and be comfortable in nice clothes. feel free to add me to your friends list, and i will do the same :)

Update [18 Oct 2003|09:05am]

[ mood | nerdy ]

So at the end of the semester (May) I was down over 15 pounds and doing swell. Went home over the summer and BAM, backslide. I gained it all back. Terribly depressing.

Sooo coming back to school, I was determined to lose it back, and more, get back on track. I was frustrated for a few weeks when nothing was happening, but now I think I've got it again. I've lost 7 pounds and doing awesome. My diet still sucks (ugh) as far as what I eat but I am getting better at controlling when I eat it and how much of it I eat. Not necessarily by choice...I'm usually so busy I can only squeeze in ONE meal a day, plus maybe some snacks :(

I've been training for a half-marathon in February which is definitly helping.

Just thought I'd update ;)

[17 Oct 2003|10:59pm]
Hey there guys,

Just a quick note since I haven't posted here in a couple of months :) I moved from Toronto to Calgary a couple of months ago, and I don't get the Internet back at my apartment until the end of October. So I'll talk to you all then - in the meantime, keep in touch, and keep up the good work!

Much love.


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