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fatbegone's Journal

You Kick My Ass, I Kick Yours
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Everything in moderation. ^_^

This LiveJournal was created for support between a few friends who are determined to lose weight and feel good.

This is a place to post every single thought, fear, struggle, and victory we come across. Don't be afraid to bare all; everybody here is going through what you're going through, and I can guarantee that if we bare all, people will bare all back. The beauty of a difficult task is it is best done through relation, and by sharing our experiences, we can relate and get through this together. So don't be afraid to hold anything back.

This is a place for advice, recipes, consolations, congratulations, inspiration, and a good kick in the ass if one of us needs it.

Good luck. ^_^

Abuse of liberties and regime will result in a prompt appointment with Candy, who will proceed to wrassle you into submission. ;)

. . .

The purpose of this community is the help one another in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The mindset in this community is not pro-anorexia, bulimia, crash diet, fad diet, hollywood diet, or 'cleansing'.