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3 Day Diet

Follow me on a cleansing diet. I'm sure this will clean out the toxins I've accumulated from stressin'. I'm due to feel great again, it's time to celebrate a new Surely. Ooops maybe this time I actually spelled it correctly.

Have a great time!

This will be something you will include in each of your prescribed daily regiment. If you still need to lose weight after this week, please give yourself at least a 4 day break from the diet.
" Must drink a minimum of 1.5 liters of water.
" Must raise heart beat for at least 20 minutes, breaking a sweat.
" Must eat all prescribed food before 8pm.

Day 1
" ½ grapefruit
" 2 tsps of peanut butter or almond butter
" piece of toast
" black coffee w/equal
" piece of toast
" ½ cup of tuna
" 1 cup of beats
" 1 cup of string beans
" 3 oz of meat/chicken weighs more
Snack (30mins later)
" ½ cup of vanilla ice cream
" apple

Day 2
" ½ banana (potassium
" 1 egg
" piece of toast
" black coffee w/equal
" 1 cup of cottage cheese
" 5 saltine crackers
" 2 hotdog wieners without bun
" ½ cup of carrots
" ½ cup of broccoli
Snack (30mins later)
" ½ of cup of vanilla ice cream
" whole banana

Day 3
" 1 small apple
" 1 thick slice of cheddar cheese
" 5 saltine crackers
" coffee w/splenda
" Egg
" Piece of toast
" Tea or coffee (no lemon)
" Entire cup of Tuna (tuna steak) 8oz on bbq
" ½ cauliflower
" ½ beats
Snack (30mins later)
" ½ of cup of vanilla ice cream
" ½ cantaloupe

Day 4
" Make yourself an "om" let with anything in it. Graciously thank the Universe for seeing you thru.
" Celebrate that you finished your first three days.

You take 4 days off eating whatever you crave or want. When you are on your 3rd day off know that you have only one more day off. Make the best of that last day. Celebrate again knowing you'll be able to do this diet another 3 days. And the best thing about this is you won't feel weak. It's like working a 3 day work week. How about a 3 day diet then? You'll feel cleansed of toxins. You'll feel great because of the quick results that come from cleansing your body.

Tomorrow's weigh in will start the ball rolling. Alice is going to workout with me tomorrow at LA Fitness on Fed north of Oakland. Then my cardio for the rest of the week will consist of pedalling to Pompano Beach Pier and back. That'll be about 6-7 miles. I hope to lounge out at the beach. I want to regroup, put my strategy in place and get it done. I'm sick of excuses to why my life is the way it is. I'm stronger than that.

Heaviest I was 322lbs, went down to 186.5lbs, then now I'm up close to 225-30lbs. Stress has worn me out emotionally where I find myself binging out. I have been doing some serious soul searching and find I have to return to the real me. The healthy me that got me to 186.5lbs. I had not yet reached my goal of 165-175lbs (but I'd like to be 155lbs). Anyways, I'd be happy being under 200lbs again. I'm feeling very slow and lathargic these days. I'm sure the toxins produced from stress are causing my lymphatic system to shut down all together.

I will also incorporate an evening forgiveness meditation. I'll post it here once I'm done.
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